Violin2Viola is an online workshop taking place July 13-17, 2020 between 11AM-6PM EST. If you are a violinist who wants to learn to play viola, this workshop, taught by Karin Brown, Renate Falkner, and Nana Vaughn, will get you started. Violin2Viola is an online workshop sponsored by SHAR Music. Participants are expected to be proficient violinists before beginning the workshop. Participants will be grouped into three sections based on their violin level; intermediate (Suzuki Book 3+), advanced (Suzuki Book 5+), and pre-professional/professional. Our workshop will provide the following online experiences to help you transition to viola playing, whether just for fun or to make a permanent switch:

  • History of the viola

  • Note reading in alto clef

  • Fundamentals in viola technique

  • Repertoire for viola

  • Orchestral repertoire and audition-taking for viola

We will teach participants by providing a combination of online recorded learning materials for you to view on your own time, zoom class meetings, one thirty-minute online private lesson, audition coaching, and master classes. Auditors may observe the workshop.

Participants should have a viola. If you don't own a viola, our sponsor, Shar Music, will provide participants with a free trial viola to use during the workshop. Participants should also have a strong internet connection for the best quality experience. Ethernet, a webcam, and an external microphone are highly recommended for a successful experience and are the responsibility of the participant.

The workshop fee is $200 for all participants, and $95 for auditiors.


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