Obtaining a Viola


In partnership with our sponsor, Shar Music, participants may obtain, free of charge, a trial viola and bow. These will be delivered to you by FedEx before the workshop begins as long as it is ordered no later than July 1, 2020. The trial viola can then be returned to Shar, using free shipping labels they provide, or can be purchased after the workshop concludes. If you have a local shop where you can obtain your instrument, please make sure to get needed accessories: viola, bow, case, rosin, and shoulder rest. 


Shar Music will also send you our official V2V pack, containing our required music and a sponge shoulder rest. The V2V pack should be purchased by the participant, and participants will receive a discounted rate from Shar.



FAQ UPDATE 6/23/20: We are checking to see if it's possible to still get a discount from Shar if people only need one or two items in the V2V pack, but not the entire pack. A note from Nana - we do prefer that all Participants have the same edition, if possible. Teaching online during these past few months has been enlightening. For ex, I've never been particular with my students about which Wohlfahrt edition to buy, but now that I'm teaching online, I like to have my own music open to refer to measure numbers, bowings, fingerings, etc. It's been a bit more difficult because different editions of the same book can vary quite a bit, from dynamics, to bowings, to even which pieces are included. This is why we suggested everyone buy the same V2V pack. For Auditors who are just following along, you may be less particular about which edition you use, or if you want to buy the V2V pack at all. However, if you want to participate as much as possible and have the books for future study, we suggest you buy the V2V pack.


Shar provides guidance regarding the sizing which is helpful for younger players, or players who are not fully grown. We recommend younger players click the link for guidance.


For advanced/professional players who are adult size, you will probably want to get a viola no smaller than 15.5". Most adult violists play an instrument between 15.5" - 17," with 16" - 16.25" being around the average for many. As a beginning viola player, it is best to not to err toward a larger size until you have adjusted to playing viola. Many viola players who obtained very large instruments in the past are now downsizing to smaller instruments, so it probably makes to most sense to aim for around 16" for most adult players, if possible. Adults who are smaller in stature or hand/arm length may want to try something smaller than 16". 


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